How Can I Backup My AOL Emails?

America Online, better known as AOL, is the source to save the incoming and outgoing email in the Filing Cabinet. It is quite normal to lose things these days, but you really get worried when you lose AOL Emails. The reasons may include spilling the liquid on your PC or unintentional damage. Sometimes computers can also go mad. Where humans can make errors, human-made machines like computers are more likely to make errors and cannot be considered as “perfect.” But, nowadays you can rescue your AOL emails like a pro. After all, backing up your AOL emails not only helps you in keeping your data safe from hackers but also enable you to access the emails when you’re offline.
Additionally, you can back up your filing cabinet in the hard drive of the computer or other specific storage components. When your computer faces a malfunction, or you move to a new PC, the back-up data can be restored without any hassle.
Now, it’s time to answer your question, “How Can I Backup My AOL Emails.” Just follow these steps, and your worry of backing up AOL emails blows up in a snap.

Is it Really Beneficial Backing Up AOL Emails?       

First of all, creating AOL emails backup gives you peace of mind. It additionally helps you in the following situations:

At the Time of Account Deletion

Just before you think of deleting your account, no matter the reason, safe copy of AOL email backup data remains with you forever.

At the Time of AOL Account Deactivation

If you haven’t surfed your AOL email in the last 180 days, it might experience unexpected deactivation, but backup is there to your rescue like a “good friend.”

At the Time of Server Outages and Data Loss

If your destiny has different plans and that you face data loss or unpredictable sever outages, AOL emails backup still remains to hold your hand.

Steps to Backup Your AOL Emails

1.       Starting with logging in your AOL Mail account, followed by a click on the option of Mail/Email spotted in the toolbar. Then, tap on “Filing Cabinet.”
2.       Now, tap right-click on your mouse while keeping the cursor on the preferred folder to backup and then select the option of Save folder.
3.       The next step is to enter the new name of the folder in the File Name field placed on the page of Save Folder.
4.       After this, you can choose the location of the backup folder and if you do not remember, just note down in your diary or the notes of your phone.
5.       After choosing the location, save it and repeat the same process if you need to backup the additional folders.
6.       When the backup of all the AOL emails get done, tap on the “X” key seen on the top-right corner.
Congratulations, you have successfully achieved your AOL Emails backup target!
Tip: Avoid using the screen name as your new folder name.


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